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Walk Details - 18/09/2014 Deerstones, Geronimo and Pendle Hill

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Time taken:
Ali (Ali Watson)
1459 ft. (GPS Measured)
6.58 miles (GPS Measured)
2hrs 37mins
Adam, Betty and me
Nick of Pendle car park
Clear, dry, sunny and warm to start, light fog at the trig
Deerstones, Geronimo Hill, Boar Clough, trig, flags, Ogden Clough, Black Hill
Type of walk:
Fell walk
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Ali's Walk Summary/Comments:
Today young Betty and I dragged along Adam, a bloke I work with (not to be confused with the other Adam on this site - a bloke I used to work with). He hadn't been out walking much recently and wanted to get a bit of training in for his upcoming second attempt at the Yorkshire Three Peaks, so I invited him for a little foray up mighty Pendle. Little did he realise that at the speed I go uphill it wouldn't be a particularly rigourous workout!

He's been up Pendle once before, but hasn't seen much of it as he only went up the steps and back down the miners track. That being the case I thought I'd show him part of the other side.

We ambled up to Badger Wells Hill from the Nick and threw a right to walk up over the top of Deerstones. By the time we reached it the sun decided to put in a welcome appearance, and stayed out for our wander across Spence Moor. En route we were passed by a couple of lady fell runners who quickly disappeared into the distance. By the time we reached the top of Geronimo Hill though we'd caught up with them - well one of them at least. The poor girl looked decidedly uncomfortable with the steep descent and let us back past. I descended at a decent pace, but I think Adam ran it down as he made it to the bottom a couple of minutes ahead of me! He had to join the other runner who was waiting patiently for her friend.

We crossed Ogden Clough stream and headed up the other side above Boar Clough. Looking back we could see the slower girl was still only half way down. Rather unsportingly, we took bets on whether she'd stil be there if we came back in a week... (Don't worry, we checked - she wasn't).

An easy climb soon saw us up to the top. Although he'd already had a cornish pasty before we set off, Adam stuffed another one in his face at the trig - I think he likes pies. Unfortunately the views were blocked by low cloud so we soon headed off on the return journey - down the flags, the top end of Ogden Clough, then the main drag back to the Nick. Good timing as the darkness was just closing in as we arrived.

Area:Forest of Bowland AONB - Lancashire
Fells climbed:Pendle Hill
POI's:No POI's.
OS Outdoor Leisure:21N 41E
OS Landranger:103
Marilyns - 1 : Deweys - 1 : HuMPs - 1

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