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Walk Details - 18/07/2014 Bloodybush Edge, Cushat Law, Windy Gyle

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Time taken:
Mick (Mick Smith)
3654 ft. (GPS Measured)
16 miles (GPS Measured)
6hrs 57mins
Upper Coquet Dale
Very hard
Hot and Sunny. Very windy on Windy Gyle
Bloodybush Edge, Cushat Law, back to Bloodybush and then up to Windy Gyle
Type of walk:
Fell walk

Mick's Walk Summary/Comments:
I wasn't looking forward to this walk as much as the previous days due to the route. Effectively, to get to Cushat Law, you need to climb over Bloodybush and then go back over Bloodybush to carry on to Windy Gyle. I'd spent time yesterday observing this from Combe Fell to see if there was any way round. I had also gone over my map, but unfortunately the dense forests either side act as a barrier. I therefore had little choice but to get on with it.

The climb up Bloodybush was a pig in the heat. It's one of those summits that every time you think that you're almost there you realise that you aren't. On getting to the summit, Cushat Law seemed like a long way off. Knowing that every step you take has to be re-traced is very disheartening (especially when you are knackered!) I didn't hang around at Cushat summit, but I did have a long hard look at Bloodybush to see if I contour round it. The problem is that the forests go so high up the hill. I then remembered that when I had done the 'ding di di ding ding' on the summit, I'd forgotten the last 'ding ding' so I decided to sack it and go straight back over the top......for a laugh! I was well chuffed when I got back to the summit of Bloodybush and turned to give Cushat a victory salute, which was going to be a moonie! I think that the heat was starting to get to me a bit.

The walk to Windy Gyle was tough because of the heat. The path went through one of the forest's, and although in the shade, there was no breeze so within 2 minutes of entering I was sweating like a pig. Getting out of the forest was a relief and I soon picked up the Pennine way up to Windy Gyle. This was well windy. I met a chap on the summit trying to pitch a tent! It was actually hard to stand still, never mind pitch a tent. He was telling me that he was due to complete the PW the next day. He had started with a mate, but he had packed it in after one day, so the guy had done it on his own, wild camping every night. Fair play to him!

The walk back down to the car from here was uneventful apart from meeting up with a group of archaeologists who were digging out a water wheel from the 1200's. Very interesting actually All in all a tough walk, and a damn good blister to show for it!

Area:The Cheviots - Northumberland
Fells climbed:Bloodybush Edge - Cushat Law
POI's:Windy Gyle
OS Outdoor Leisure: 16E
OS Landranger: 80
Nuttalls - 2 : Hewitts - 2 : HuMPs - 2

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