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Walk Details - 17/07/2014 A Cheviot round

Uploaded by:
Time taken:
Mick (Mick Smith)
3067 ft. (GPS Measured)
9.61 miles (GPS Measured)
3hrs 6mins
Harthope Valley (car park near Langleeford)
Scald Hill to the Cheviot, through a left to Cairn Hill and then go round the head of the valley over Comb and Hedgehope and then drop back to the car park
Type of walk:
Fell walk

Mick's Walk Summary/Comments:
Took a couple of days off to conquer the North East. Having never walked in the area before I didn't really know what to expect short of what I'd seen on Google images. As it turned out it reminded me a lot of the Howgills; round green hills with not a lot of people about. The views are also great. I have to admit, I didn't really know what I was looking at a lot of the time, but whatever it it was, it was stunning.

The drive up was crappy having been stopped at Newcastle on the A1 for over an hour. After four and a half hours in the car I was ready to stretch my legs. From the car park you are straight into the climb. The Cheviot looked great from Scald Hill. When I had crested the Cheviot the views back to the sea was great. I could make out Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle. Unfortunately The Cheviot is quite a plateau mountain and the summit is at the other end. Therefore the summit views weren't the best due to so much foreground. I was about to have lunch at the trig when up marched about 200 school kids! I decided to leave quickly and dropped down to Cairn Hill for lunch. As the name suggests, there is a big Cairn there which has been adapted into a wind shelter.

From here I crossed the head of the valley and climbed Comb Fell. This was an unmarked path and was very boggy. The summit is also unmarked, so I spent a little while finding the top via a grid ref.

The climb from here to Hedgehope was a bit tough, but only because of the weather. when I was about 20ft from the top I heard this weird noise that sounded like a steam engine. There then appeared an Army helicopter that flew straight over my head. This summit was great, easily the best of the day affording views out to sea and West into Scotland. The only downside was that there was a massive wasps nest right at the trig. Therefore it only got a cursory 'ding dig a ding ding....ding ding' before I had to leg it!

The descent then leads straight back down to the car park to cap off a great day

Area:The Cheviots - Northumberland
Fells climbed:The Cheviot - Cairn Hill - Comb Fell - Hedgehope Hill
POI's:No POI's.
OS Outdoor Leisure:16E
OS Landranger:74 75 80
Trail 100s - 1 : Nuttalls - 3 : Hewitts - 3 : Marilyns - 1 : HuMPs - 2

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Walk Photos
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Hedgehope Hill from the foot of Scald Hill

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Scald Hill to the right and The Cheviot on the left


Me at the Cheviot just before 200 kids descended on us


My view of the coast and Hedgehope when having lunch on Cairn Hill


Looking across at Comb and Hedgehope just to the left. In the background to the right is Cushat Law that I would climb the next day


This is the picture of the helicopter that flew over my head when nearing the summit of Hedgehope


Me on the top of Hedgehope, by far the best summit of the day


The trig point where I didn't hang around because of a swarm of killer bees


Looking back towards The Cheviot


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