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Walk Details - 23/01/2014 A walk along the Cam High Road

Uploaded by:
Time taken:
rovingmike (Michael Counter)
1935 ft. (GPS Measured)
9 miles (GPS Measured)
This is a linear walk and needs a friend to drop you off at the start. Parking available in Hawes.
Patch sun, stong winds and several snow storms
Gearstone - Dales Way -over Cam End to join the Pennine Way - onto the Can High Road and roman road - keep left at Kidhow Gate - follow the Pennine Way down into Hawes
Point to point
Type of walk:
Fell walk

rovingmike's Walk Summary/Comments:
This walk was planned to be completed with a friend, but on the day I was on my own. Starting from off the Ribblehead to Hawes road at Gearstones the route follows the much improved track over Cam Fell. A new bridge has been install Gayle Beck and the track improved to a high standard to allow for large vehicle access to extract trees from Cam Woodland. From the top of Cam Fell the route is easy to follow, as its the Pennine Way all the way from here. The Pennine Bridleway is also followed part of the route and many of the new gates are a result of the new route designation.

As I approached the middle section of the walk I was hit by ominous clouds rolling in from the west. These turned out to be snow filled and soon I was in the depth of a full white out blizzard. This didn't last for too long but it transformed the scenery into a winter wonderland. It is from this middle section of the walk that an accent to the top of Dodd Fell Hill, the highest point around, but not today.

I didn't encountered another soul during the whole of my walk and I ate lunch huddled against a welcoming wall used as a back rest and wind break.

The route down off the tops and into Hawes, while still following the Pennine Way looses the good tracks and road that I had become accustomed to and deteriorated into a swampy morass of peat bogs and muddy filed paths.

The river at Gayle was in full flow, tumbling over a series of stone slabs and producing a tremendous roar. The walk was nearly over as I walked on stone slabs, installed to protect the footpath by the church. During the summer months thousands of feet walk this route on their way to the Wensleydale Creamery.

Area:Yorkshire Dales - North Yorkshire
Fells climbed:Dodd Fell Hill
POI's:No POI's.
OS Outdoor Leisure:2W 30S
OS Landranger:98
Nuttalls - 1 : Hewitts - 1 : Marilyns - 1 : Yorkshire 2000s - 1 : HuMPs - 1

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