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Walk Details - 30/03/2012 Place Fell and High Raise Round

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Time taken:
Mick (Mick Smith)
5104 ft. (GPS Measured)
15.3 miles (GPS Measured)
9hrs 7mins
Me and Ali
Martindale Church (small car park) - NY436192
Very hard
Full sun and hot for most of the day, ideal for a 15 mile walk with over 5k ft of ascent!!!
Place Fell, Angletarn Pike, Brock Crag, Rest Dodd, The Knott, Rampsgill Head, Kidsty Pike, High Raise, Wether Hill, Loadpot Hill
Type of walk:
Fell walk
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Mick's Walk Summary/Comments:
On the drive up to the Lakes, the cloud line was low and although we had the traditional comments of 'keep the faith' I was fairly worried that the cloud wasn't going to lift. How wrong could I have been! By the time we had parked and kitted up the sun was out, the skies were blue, and crows were in full voice (something had obviously got their attention (or not as was actually the case))

We decided to head off through the fields as opposed to walking the first half mile or so on the roads. This was a little in-direct but neither me or Ali are good 'road walkers'.

As we started to ascend Place Fell Ali got his bearings and began rhyming off everything we could see, whilst I was concentrating on covering every exposed area of skin with my factor 50+. At the summit I had a quick running repair on a blister that I had got from a previous walk and then we headed off in the direction of Angle Tarn.

Before long we were reminiscing of day 4 of the Coast to Coast walk as we met back up with the path out of Patterdale. We would criss-cross this path all the way to Kidsty Pike. At this point we met up with a chap called Paul Cocoran who was walking the C2C for charity (for the very worthy charity of 'Care for Casualties' within the armed forces) As we began talking to Paul, we realised that he was actually mad. We deduced this from the fact that he was wearing pyjamas and was also carrying an Ironing board and iron on his back (along with the rest of his kit). If this wasn't enough evidence for me and Sherlock Watson, he also had a sign round his neck saying 'I'm Mad'. It transpired that Mad Paul (MP) wasn't too sure of the direction that he should be travelling, so we pointed him in the right direction, wished him all the best and then left him to it (as it happened, we'd meet MP again.....several times!!)

After climbing Angletarn Pike and Brock Crag we headed off towards Rest Dodd. The route crossed the main path, and as luck would have it MP (complete with Ironing board) was just making it to our intersect point, so we gave him a wave, forked left and climbed Rest Dodd. At the summit we met another chap who turns out to be somewhat of a celebrity within walking circles, Mark Richards. He has written several books on fell guides, Dales Way etc and has rubbed shoulders with the likes of the great AW, Julia Bradbury amongst others. He has also appeared on Television a few times. Mark took mine and Ali's photo at the top of Rest Dodd and then went on to inform us of some interesting facts such as the origin of fell names etc. He then shot off to get some other pictures and me and Ali found a cracking little spot to have lunch looking down on Hayes Water.

Just as we finished lunch, we heard a voice from behind us say 'alright boys, is this 'Kirsty Pike'(sic). At this point I saw Ali look behind and do a double take before exclaiming 'Heavens to Betsy, what the Devil are you doing up here!!' (I can't remember his exact words, but it was something along those lines). As I looked round, I saw MP (complete with Ironing Board) walking towards us. It transpires that he had followed us and had therefore slogged all the way in his striped PJ's, needlessly, up Rest Dodd!! We once again pointed him in the right direction, which this time was unfortunately a 500ft descent/ascent, and went our separate ways.

We decided to climb the Knott, and we also decided to wait for MP (complete with Ironing Board) at the junction of 'kirsty' (as it's now known) and High Street because we had this horrible feeling that he would of walked straight across High Street and, given the time of day, would have had disastrous consequences in terms of his challenge. We then made it clear to MP that we were heading left to summit Rampsgill Head and that he should, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, follow us.

After completing Rampsgill we headed for 'Kirsty'. I think that Ali was suffering from mild sunstroke because at his point he was seeing multiple walkers carrying Ironing Boards! We didn't see MP (or his Ironing Board) again for the rest of the walk because we shot off North whereas he should have (fingers crossed) descended East to 'Hows-water'(sic) as he pronounced it. Regardless to say, we hope MP makes it to Robin Hoods Bay (along with his Ironing Board) and that he raises a lot of money for his chosen Charity. He may of been mad but he's a brave bloke!

The rest of the walk over High Raise, Wether Hill and Loadpot were really quite straight forward. The descent of Loadpot to Howtown is very steep, but we found a path and snaked our way down. We then had a road ramble and climb back to the car park where Ali's new mates, the crows, welcomed him back with a chorus of laughter.

Area:Lake District - Far Eastern - Cumbria
Fells climbed:Place Fell - Angletarn Pikes - Brock Crags - Rest Dodd - The Knott (High Street) - Rampsgill Head - Kidsty Pike - High Raise (High Street) - Wether Hill - Loadpot Hill
POI's:Angle Tarn (Hartsop)
OS Outdoor Leisure:5S OL5
OS Landranger: 90
Non-OS maps:Basic route - Nuttalls 'The Mountains of England and Wales' V2, modified to include extra Wainrights
Wainwrights - 10 : Trail 100s - 1 : Nuttalls - 7 : Hewitts - 5 : Marilyns - 1 : Birketts - 10 : Deweys - 1 : HuMPs - 2

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