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BenyellaryCarrick and Galloway - Galloway Hills2359719318 NX415839
MerrickCarrick and Galloway - Galloway Hills2766843318Cor, Don, HuMP, Mar, T100NX428855
Dinger TorDartmoor180455028N SX586881
High WillhaysDartmoor203762128NHew, HuMP, Mar, NutSX580892
Lints TorDartmoor159448628N SX580875
Yes TorDartmoor203161928N 113Nut, T100SX580901
Baxton FellForest of Bowland AONB1539469OL41 SD672561
Brennand Great HillForest of Bowland AONB1555474OL41 SD620563
Burn FellForest of Bowland AONB1414431OL41 SD674535
Burnslack FellForest of Bowland AONB1457444OL41 SD622469
Clougha PikeForest of Bowland AONB135541341WT100SD544594
Dunsop FellForest of Bowland AONB1424434OL41 SD673546
Easington FellForest of Bowland AONB129939641EHuMP, MarSD730486
Fair Snape FellForest of Bowland AONB170752041WDew, HuMP, MarSD591468
Grit FellForest of Bowland AONB153546841 SD557588
Hazelhurst FellForest of Bowland AONB140842941W SD563480
Longridge FellForest of Bowland AONB114835041WHuMP, MarSD658410
ParlickForest of Bowland AONB1417432OL41 SD596450
Pendle HillForest of Bowland AONB182755721N 41EDew, HuMP, MarSD804414
Saddle FellForest of Bowland AONB1541470OL41 SD612469
Stang Top MoorForest of Bowland AONB1063344OL41 SD835412
TotridgeForest of Bowland AONB163049741W SD635487
Waddington FellForest of Bowland AONB129639541E SD715475
Ward's StoneForest of Bowland AONB184056141WDew, HuMP, MarSD592587
Whins BrowForest of Bowland AONB156247641WHuMPSD636533
Wolf FellForest of Bowland AONB1640500OL41 SD602469
Wolfhole CragForest of Bowland AONB172952741WDewSD634578
Armboth FellLake District - Central15724794SBir, WainNY297159
Blea RiggLake District - Central17765416N 7NBir, WainNY301078
Bleaberry FellLake District - Central19365904SBir, Dew, WainNY285195
Calf CragLake District - Central17625374S 5S 6N 7NBir, Dew, WainNY301104
Codale HeadLake District - Central23957304S 6NBir, NutNY288090
Eagle CragLake District - Central17225254SBir, WainNY275120
Gibson KnottLake District - Central13794205S 7NBir, WainNY318099
Grange Fell [Brund Fell]Lake District - Central13624154SBir, WainNY264162
Great Crag (Stonethwaite)Lake District - Central14734494SBir, WainNY270146
Harrison StickleLake District - Central24147366NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY280073
Helm CragLake District - Central13284055S 7NBir, T100, WainNY327093
High Raise (Langdale)Lake District - Central25007624S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY281095
High Rigg (Birkett)Lake District - Central11253434S 5SBirNY307214
High Rigg [Naddle Fell]Lake District - Central11713574S 5SBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY308220
High SeatLake District - Central19956084SBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY287180
High ToveLake District - Central16905154SBir, WainNY288166
King's How - Grange FellLake District - Central12863924SBirNY258166
Loft CragLake District - Central22306806NBir, Nut, WainNY277071
Loughrigg FellLake District - Central11013357NBir, HuMP, Mar, T100, WainNY347051
Low SaddleLake District - Central21526564SBir, NutNY288133
Pavey ArkLake District - Central22967006NBir, Nut, WainNY284079
Pike of StickleLake District - Central23237096NBir, Hew, Nut, T100, WainNY274073
Raven CragLake District - Central15124614S 5SBir, WainNY304188
Sergeant ManLake District - Central23947306NBir, WainNY286089
Sergeant's CragLake District - Central18735714SBir, Dew, WainNY273113
Silver HowLake District - Central12923947NBir, WainNY324066
Steel Fell (Dead Pike)Lake District - Central18115535SBir, Dew, WainNY319111
Tarn Crag (Easedale)Lake District - Central18015504S 5S 6N 7NBir, WainNY303093
Thunacar KnottLake District - Central23727236NBir, Nut, WainNY279079
UllscarfLake District - Central23827264SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY291121
Walla CragLake District - Central12433794SBir, WainNY277213
Wren CragLake District - Central10203115SBirNY315201
Arnison CragLake District - Eastern14244335SBir, WainNY393149
Birkett FellLake District - Eastern23787255SBirNY364198
Birkhouse MoorLake District - Eastern23507185SBir, Nut, WainNY364160
BirksLake District - Eastern20406225SBir, Nut, WainNY380143
Calfhow PikeLake District - Eastern21656605SBirNY330211
Catstye CamLake District - Eastern29178905SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY348158
Clough HeadLake District - Eastern23817265SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY334225
Dollywaggon PikeLake District - Eastern28108585SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY346130
Dove CragLake District - Eastern26037925S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY374104
FairfieldLake District - Eastern28638735SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY358117
Glenridding DoddLake District - Eastern14254425SBir, WainNY381176
Gowbarrow FellLake District - Eastern15784815SBir, WainNY408218
Great DoddLake District - Eastern28078575SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY342206
Great Mell FellLake District - Eastern17625375SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY397254
Great RiggLake District - Eastern25137665S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY356104
Green Side (White Stones)Lake District - Eastern26087955SBir, Hew, NutNY353188
Hart CragLake District - Eastern26988225SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY368112
Hart SideLake District - Eastern24817565SBir, Nut, WainNY359197
Hartsop Above How (Gill Crag)Lake District - Eastern19025805SBir, WainNY383120
Helvellyn Lower ManLake District - Eastern30349255SBir, NutNY337155
HelvellynLake District - Eastern31189505SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY342151
Heron Pike (Rydal)Lake District - Eastern20036127NBir, Nut, WainNY356083
Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fel ..Lake District - Eastern20376217NBir, NutNY357086
High Hartsop DoddLake District - Eastern17025195S 7NBir, WainNY393108
High Pike (Scandale)Lake District - Eastern21556567NBir, WainNY374088
Little Hart CragLake District - Eastern20916375S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY387100
Little Mell FellLake District - Eastern16575055SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY423240
Low PikeLake District - Eastern16665087NBir, WainNY373078
Middle DoddLake District - Eastern21466545S 7NBir, WainNY397096
Nab ScarLake District - Eastern14504407NBir, WainNY356073
Nethermost PikeLake District - Eastern29208915SBir, Nut, WainNY344142
RaiseLake District - Eastern28898835SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY343174
Red ScreesLake District - Eastern25467767NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY397087
Seat SandalLake District - Eastern24157365SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY343115
Sheffield PikeLake District - Eastern22146755SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY369182
St. Sunday CragLake District - Eastern27568415SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY369134
Stone ArthurLake District - Eastern16405005S 7NBir, WainNY347092
Stybarrow DoddLake District - Eastern27708435SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY343189
Watson's DoddLake District - Eastern25847895SBir, WainNY336195
White SideLake District - Eastern28328635SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY338166
Adam SeatLake District - Far Eastern21856665S 7NBirNY471091
Angletarn Pike South TopLake District - Far Eastern18545655SBirNY414147
Angletarn PikesLake District - Far Eastern18605675SBir, Dew, WainNY413148
Arthur's PikeLake District - Far Eastern17495335SBir, WainNY461206
Baystones [Wansfell]Lake District - Far Eastern15974877NHuMP, WainNY403051
Beda Fell [Beda Head]Lake District - Far Eastern16705095SBir, Dew, WainNY428171
Bonscale PikeLake District - Far Eastern17195245SBir, WainNY454201
Branstree North East TopLake District - Far Eastern22086735S 7NBir, NutNY487103
BranstreeLake District - Far Eastern23397135S 7NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY477100
Brock CragsLake District - Far Eastern18415615SBir, WainNY419137
Brownthwaite CragLake District - Far Eastern14574445SBirNY443173
Caudale Moor (John Bell's Banne ..Lake District - Far Eastern24777555S 7NBirNY413098
Caudale Moor (Stony Cove Pike)Lake District - Far Eastern25027635S 7NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY418100
FroswickLake District - Far Eastern23597207NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY435085
Gowk HillLake District - Far Eastern15454715SBirNY444166
Gray CragLake District - Far Eastern22936995SBir, Nut, WainNY428117
Grey Crag (Sleddale Fell)Lake District - Far Eastern20936387NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY497072
Gummer's HowLake District - Far Eastern10443217SBir, HuMP, Mar, WOSD390884
Hallin FellLake District - Far Eastern12733885SBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY433198
Harter Fell (Mardale)Lake District - Far Eastern25527785S 7NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY460093
Hartsop DoddLake District - Far Eastern20286185SBir, Nut, WainNY411119
High Raise (High Street)Lake District - Far Eastern26318025SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY448135
High StreetLake District - Far Eastern27188285SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY441110
Ill BellLake District - Far Eastern24847577NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY436077
Kentmere PikeLake District - Far Eastern23957307NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY465078
Kidsty PikeLake District - Far Eastern25607805SBir, Nut, WainNY447126
Loadpot HillLake District - Far Eastern22016715SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY457181
Mardale Ill BellLake District - Far Eastern24967605S 7NBir, WainNY447101
Place FellLake District - Far Eastern21566575SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY406169
Rampsgill HeadLake District - Far Eastern25987925SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY442128
Rest DoddLake District - Far Eastern22836965SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY432136
Rough Crag (Riggindale)Lake District - Far Eastern20606285SBir, Hew, NutNY454112
SallowsLake District - Far Eastern16915167NBir, Dew, WainNY437040
Selside PikeLake District - Far Eastern21496555SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY490111
Shipman KnottsLake District - Far Eastern19265877NBir, WainNY472063
Sour HowesLake District - Far Eastern15854837NBir, WainNY428032
Steel Knotts (Pikeawassa)Lake District - Far Eastern14174325SBir, WainNY440181
Swarth Fell (Ullswater)Lake District - Far Eastern17885455SBirNY454195
Tarn Crag (Sleddale)Lake District - Far Eastern21786647NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY488078
The Knott (High Street)Lake District - Far Eastern24257395SBir, WainNY437127
The NabLake District - Far Eastern18905765SBir, Dew, WainNY434152
Thornthwaite CragLake District - Far Eastern25697845S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY432101
Troutbeck TongueLake District - Far Eastern11913647NBir, WainNY422064
Wansfell PikeLake District - Far Eastern15814827NBirNY394041
WansfellLake District - Far Eastern15954867NBirNY403052
Wether HillLake District - Far Eastern21986705SBir, Nut, WainNY456167
YokeLake District - Far Eastern23167067NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY438067
Ard CragsLake District - North Western19065814SBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY206197
BarfLake District - North Western15364684SBir, WainNY214267
BarrowLake District - North Western14934554SBir, WainNY227218
Broom FellLake District - North Western16775114SBir, WainNY194271
Castle CragLake District - North Western9782984SWainNY249159
CatbellsLake District - North Western14814514SBir, WainNY244198
Causey PikeLake District - North Western20906374SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY218208
Crag Hill [Eel Crag]Lake District - North Western27538394SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY192203
Dale HeadLake District - North Western24707534SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY222153
GrasmoorLake District - North Western27958524SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY174203
Graystones (Birkett)Lake District - North Western14964564SBirNY177264
GraystonesLake District - North Western14834524SWainNY176266
Grisedale PikeLake District - North Western25957914SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY198225
High Spy North TopLake District - North Western20806344SNutNY236171
High SpyLake District - North Western21426534SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY234162
HindscarthLake District - North Western23857274SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY215165
Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head]Lake District - North Western24257394SBir, Hew, NutNY193220
Hobcarton EndLake District - North Western20806344SBir, NutNY195234
Hopegill HeadLake District - North Western25267704SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY185221
KinnLake District - North Western12273744SBirNY219232
Knott RiggLake District - North Western18245564SBir, Dew, WainNY197188
Ladyside PikeLake District - North Western23067034SBir, NutNY184227
Ling FellLake District - North Western12243734SBir, WainNY179285
Lord's SeatLake District - North Western18115524SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY204265
LothwaiteLake District - North Western11323454SBirNY203296
Maiden MoorLake District - North Western18865754SBir, WainNY236181
OutersideLake District - North Western18645684SBir, Dew, WainNY211214
Rannerdale KnottsLake District - North Western11653554SBir, WainNY167182
RivingsLake District - North Western10993354SBirNY197294
RobinsonLake District - North Western24187374SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY201168
SailLake District - North Western25367734SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY198202
Sale FellLake District - North Western11783594SBir, HuMP, WainNY194296
Sand HillLake District - North Western24807564SBir, NutNY187218
Scar CragsLake District - North Western22056724SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY208206
Skelgill BankLake District - North Western11093384SBirNY244205
Stile EndLake District - North Western14674474SBirNY220219
WandopeLake District - North Western25337724SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY188197
Whinlatter TopLake District - North Western17225254SBir, DewNY197249
Whinlatter [Brown How - Whinlat ..Lake District - North Western16965174SBir, WainNY191251
Whiteless PikeLake District - North Western21656604SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY180189
Whiteside East Top [Whiteside]Lake District - North Western23597194SBir, Hew, NutNY175221
Whiteside [Whiteside West Top]Lake District - North Western23207074SBir, Nut, WainNY170219
BakestallLake District - Northern22086734N 4SBir, WainNY266307
Bannerdale CragsLake District - Northern22416835SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY335290
BinseyLake District - Northern14674474NBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY225355
Blencathra - Atkinson PikeLake District - Northern27728455SBir, NutNY324283
Blencathra - Blease FellLake District - Northern26418055SBirNY312270
Blencathra - Doddick FellLake District - Northern24347425SBirNY328277
Blencathra - Gategill Fell TopLake District - Northern27928515SBir, NutNY317273
Blencathra - Hallsfell TopLake District - Northern28478685SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY323277
Blencathra - Scales FellLake District - Northern22386825SBirNY331278
Bowscale FellLake District - Northern23037025N 5SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY333305
Brae FellLake District - Northern19235864NBir, WainNY288351
Burn TodLake District - Northern19525954NBirNY282328
Carl SideLake District - Northern24477464SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY255281
Carrock FellLake District - Northern21756635NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY341336
Great CalvaLake District - Northern22646904NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY290311
Great CockupLake District - Northern17265264NBir, Dew, WainNY273333
Great Lingy HillLake District - Northern20216165NBir, NutNY309339
Great Sca FellLake District - Northern21366514NBir, WainNY291339
Hare StonesLake District - Northern20576275NBir, NutNY315343
High Pike (Caldbeck)Lake District - Northern21596585NBir, Hew, Nut, T100, WainNY318350
Jenkin HillLake District - Northern24117354SBirNY273275
KnottLake District - Northern23297104NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY296329
LatriggLake District - Northern12033674SBir, WainNY279246
Little CalvaLake District - Northern21066424NBir, NutNY282314
Little Sca FellLake District - Northern20836354NBirNY289342
Long SideLake District - Northern24057344SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY248284
Longlands FellLake District - Northern15854834NBir, WainNY275354
Lonscale FellLake District - Northern23467154SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY285271
Lonscale PikeLake District - Northern23067034SBirNY288272
Lowthwaite FellLake District - Northern16705094NBir, DewNY278347
Meal FellLake District - Northern18045504NBir, Dew, WainNY283337
Mungrisdale CommonLake District - Northern20776335SWainNY310292
Round KnottLake District - Northern19786035NBirNY334337
Skiddaw - DoddLake District - Northern16475024SBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY244273
Skiddaw - Lesser ManLake District - Northern26748154SBirNY268275
Skiddaw Little ManLake District - Northern28378654SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY267278
Skiddaw Middle TopLake District - Northern30459284SBirNY260288
Skiddaw North TopLake District - Northern30259224SBirNY260292
Skiddaw South TopLake District - Northern30359254SBirNY260286
SkiddawLake District - Northern30539314SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY260291
Souther FellLake District - Northern17135225SBir, Dew, WainNY354291
Ullock PikeLake District - Northern22306804SBir, WainNY244287
WatchesLake District - Northern10933334N 4SBirNY240303
Allen CragsLake District - Southern25727856NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY237085
Black FellLake District - Southern10603237NBir, HuMP, WainNY340015
Black SailsLake District - Southern24447456NBir, Hew, NutNY282007
BowfellLake District - Southern29609026NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, T100, WainNY244064
Brim FellLake District - Southern26117966NBir, Nut, WainSD271985
Broad CragLake District - Southern30649346NBir, Hew, NutNY219076
Brown PikeLake District - Southern22386826NBirSD261966
Buck PikeLake District - Southern2441744OL6BirSD262972
Cold Pike Far West TopLake District - Southern21986706NNutNY256037
Cold Pike West TopLake District - Southern22416836NNutNY258035
Cold PikeLake District - Southern22997016NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY263035
Combe Door TopLake District - Southern22186764S 6NNutNY253109
Combe HeadLake District - Southern24117354S 6NBir, NutNY250109
Coniston Old ManLake District - Southern26338036NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainSD272978
Crinkle Crags - Gunson Knott [T ..Lake District - Southern27568406NBirNY250049
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Secon ..Lake District - Southern28168596NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY248048
Crinkle Crags South Top [First ..Lake District - Southern27368346NBir, Hew, NutNY250045
Dovenest Top (Stonethwaite Fell ..Lake District - Southern20736324SBir, Hew, NutNY256114
Dow CragLake District - Southern25557786NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainSD262977
Esk PikeLake District - Southern29048856NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY236075
Glaramara - Looking SteadsLake District - Southern25437754S 6NBir, NutNY246102
GlaramaraLake District - Southern25697834S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, T100, WainNY246105
Great CarrsLake District - Southern25587806NBir, Nut, WainNY271009
Great EndLake District - Southern29849106NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY226084
Great KnottLake District - Southern22836966NBir, NutNY259042
Grey FriarLake District - Southern25267706NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY260003
High House Tarn TopLake District - Southern22446844S 6NBir, NutNY240093
Holme FellLake District - Southern10403177NBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY315006
Ill CragLake District - Southern30689356NBir, Hew, NutNY223074
LingmellLake District - Southern26248006NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY209081
Lingmoor Fell [Lingmoor Fell - ..Lake District - Southern15394696N 7NBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY302046
Little StandLake District - Southern24287406NBir, NutNY250033
Pike of BliscoLake District - Southern23127056NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY271041
Red Beck Top (Glaramara)Lake District - Southern23657214S 6NBir, Hew, NutNY243097
Rossett PikeLake District - Southern21366516NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY249075
Rosthwaite Fell (Bessyboot)Lake District - Southern18075514SBir, Dew, WainNY258125
Rosthwaite Fell (Rosthwaite Cam ..Lake District - Southern20086124SBir, NutNY256118
Scafell PikeLake District - Southern32109786NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY215072
Seathwaite Fell (Great Slack)Lake District - Southern20736324S 6NBir, Hew, NutNY227097
Seathwaite Fell (Wainwright)Lake District - Southern19706014S 6NBir, WainNY229102
Seathwaite Fell South TopLake District - Southern20706314S 6NNutNY228094
Shelter Crags North TopLake District - Southern25437756NNutNY249057
Shelter CragsLake District - Southern26748156NBir, Hew, NutNY249053
Side PikeLake District - Southern11883626NBirNY293053
Swirl HowLake District - Southern26308026NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY273005
Walna ScarLake District - Southern20376216NBir, Nut, WOSD257963
WetherlamLake District - Southern24997626NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, T100, WainNY288011
White MaidenLake District - Southern20016106NBir, NutSD254957
Base BrownLake District - Western21196464SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY225114
Blake FellLake District - Western18805734S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY110196
BrandrethLake District - Western23467154SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY214119
BuckbarrowLake District - Western13884236N 303Bir, WainNY135061
Burnbank FellLake District - Western15584754S 303Bir, WainNY110209
Caw FellLake District - Western22876974S 303Bir, Nut, WainNY131110
Crag FellLake District - Western17165234S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY097143
Darling FellLake District - Western12863924S 303BirNY129225
DentLake District - Western11553524S 303Mar, WONY041129
Dodd (Buttermere)Lake District - Western21036414SBir, NutNY163157
Fellbarrow - Mosser FellLake District - Western13654164S 303Bir, WainNY132242
Fleetwith PikeLake District - Western21266484SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY205141
Gavel FellLake District - Western17265264S 303Bir, Dew, WainNY116183
Great BorneLake District - Western20216164S 303Bir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY123163
Great GableLake District - Western29498994S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY211103
Green GableLake District - Western26278014S 6NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY215107
Grey KnottsLake District - Western22876974SBir, Nut, WainNY217125
GrikeLake District - Western16014884S 303Bir, WainNY084140
HaycockLake District - Western26157974S 6NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY144107
Haystacks (Buttermere)Lake District - Western19585974SBir, Dew, T100, WainNY193131
Hen CombLake District - Western16705094S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY132181
HerdusLake District - Western18445624S 303BirNY117163
High Crag (Buttermere)Lake District - Western24417444SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY180140
High StileLake District - Western26448064SBir, WainNY167147
Honister Crag [Black Star]Lake District - Western20776334SBir, NutNY212141
Kirk Fell East Top [Kirk Fell N ..Lake District - Western25827874S 6NBir, Hew, NutNY199107
Kirk FellLake District - Western26318024S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY194104
Lank RiggLake District - Western17755414S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY091119
Little Dodd (Ennerdale)Lake District - Western19365904SBirNY149155
Little Dodd (Loweswater)Lake District - Western11883624S 303BirNY132192
Little Gowder CragLake District - Western24057334S 6NBir, NutNY140109
Low FellLake District - Western13884234S 303Bir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY137226
Loweswater FellLake District - Western13524124S 303BirNY135222
Mellbreak North TopLake District - Western16705094SBir, DewNY143194
Mellbreak [Mellbreak South Top]Lake District - Western16805124SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY148186
Middle FellLake District - Western19095826NBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY150072
Red Pike (Buttermere)Lake District - Western24777554SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY160154
Scale KnottLake District - Western11093384SBirNY149177
SeatLake District - Western18415614SBir, DewNY185134
SeatallanLake District - Western22706926NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY140084
Smithy FellLake District - Western12863924S 303BirNY133237
Starling DoddLake District - Western20776334SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY142157
WhoapLake District - Western16775114S 303BirNY099128
Boulsworth Hill - Lad LawLancashire (outside Bowland)169651721NDew, HuMP, MarSD929356
Weets HillLancashire (outside Bowland)130239721N 41E SD857448
Winter Hill (boundary)Lancashire (outside Bowland)1467447287 SD662145
Winter HillLancashire (outside Bowland)1496456287HuMP, MarSD659149
Whalley NabLancashire (outside Bowland) - Ribble Valley584178OL41 SD730348
Carlton MoorNorth York Moors133940826NHuMPNZ519025
Cold Moor [Broughton Bank]North York Moors131940226N NZ550034
Cringle Moor - Drake HoweNorth York Moors142443426NHuMP, MarNZ537029
Urra Moor - Round HillNorth York Moors149045426NHuMP, MarNZ594015
White Hill [Hasty Bank]North York Moors130639826N NZ565036
Foel PenolauSnowdonia - The Rhinogs201461418WNutSH661348
Moel YsgyfarnogodSnowdonia - The Rhinogs204462318WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100SH658345
Carn LlidiSouth-West Wales59418135WHuMPSM738280
Bloodybush EdgeThe Cheviots200161016EHew, HuMP, NutNT902143
Cairn HillThe Cheviots254977716E NT903195
Comb FellThe Cheviots213965216EHew, NutNT924187
Cushat LawThe Cheviots201861516EHew, HuMP, NutNT928137
Hedgehope HillThe Cheviots234371416EHew, HuMP, NutNT943197
The CheviotThe Cheviots267481516EHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100NT909205
AlphinThe Peak District1538469OL1 SE003028
Back TorThe Peak District17655381EDewSK197909
Lose HillThe Peak District15624761W 1E SK153854
Mam TorThe Peak District16965171W 1EDewSK127836
Archy Styrigg (Gregory Chapel)Yorkshire Dales - Northern228069519SNut, Y2KNY802003
Baugh Fell (Tarn Rigg Hill)Yorkshire Dales - Northern222467819SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD741916
Great Shunner FellYorkshire Dales - Northern234971619S 30NHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD848972
High Seat (Mallerstang)Yorkshire Dales - Northern232670919SHew, HuMP, Nut, Y2KNY802012
Hugh SeatYorkshire Dales - Northern226068919SNut, Y2KSD809991
Knoutberry HawYorkshire Dales - Northern221867619SNut, Y2KSD731919
Little FellYorkshire Dales - Northern218866719SHew, Nut, Y2KSD808971
Lovely SeatYorkshire Dales - Northern221467519S 30NHew, HuMP, Nut, Y2KSD879950
Nine Standards RiggYorkshire Dales - Northern217266219SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KNY826061
Rogan's SeatYorkshire Dales - Northern220567230NHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KNY919030
Swarth FellYorkshire Dales - Northern223468119SHew, Nut, Y2KSD756967
Water CragYorkshire Dales - Northern219266830NNut, Y2KNY928046
White Mossy HillYorkshire Dales - Northern216265919SY2KNY829053
Wild Boar FellYorkshire Dales - Northern232370819SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD758988
Bram Rigg TopYorkshire Dales - Northern220567219SNut, Y2KSD668965
Bush HoweYorkshire Dales - Northern204462319SNut, Y2KSD659980
CaldersYorkshire Dales - Northern221167419SHew, Nut, Y2KSD670960
CoblesYorkshire Dales - Northern1752534OL19 SD663988
Fell HeadYorkshire Dales - Northern210064019SHew, Nut, Y2KSD649981
Hazelgill KnottYorkshire Dales - Northern189657819SDewSD673997
KensgriffYorkshire Dales - Northern188357419SDewSD688992
Randygill TopYorkshire Dales - Northern204762419SHew, HuMP, Nut, Y2KNY687000
The CalfYorkshire Dales - Northern221867619SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, Y2KSD667970
WinderYorkshire Dales - Northern1551473OL19 SD654932
YarlsideYorkshire Dales - Northern209663919SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD685985
Birks FellYorkshire Dales - Southern200161030SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD919764
Buckden PikeYorkshire Dales - Southern230370230SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD961788
Calf Top (Middleton Fell)Yorkshire Dales - Southern20006102WDew, HuMP, Mar, Y2KSD665856
Conistone PieYorkshire Dales - Southern11153402S SD988687
Cracoe FellYorkshire Dales - Southern16665082SDew, HuMP, MarSD993588
Crag HillYorkshire Dales - Southern2238682OL2Y2KSD692833
Darnbrook FellYorkshire Dales - Southern204762430SHew, Nut, Y2KSD884727
Dead Man's HillYorkshire Dales - Southern179154630S 298DewSE058783
Dodd Fell HillYorkshire Dales - Southern21926682W 30SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD841846
DrumaldraceYorkshire Dales - Southern20146142W 30SHew, Nut, Y2KSD874867
Firth FellYorkshire Dales - Southern1991607OL30 SD926748
Fountains Fell South TopYorkshire Dales - Southern21726622W 2S 30SNut, Y2KSD869707
Fountains FellYorkshire Dales - Southern21926682W 2S 30SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD864715
GragarethYorkshire Dales - Southern20576272WHew, Nut, Y2KSD688793
Great CoumYorkshire Dales - Southern22546872WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD701836
Great Knoutberry HillYorkshire Dales - Southern22056722WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD788871
Great WhernsideYorkshire Dales - Southern231070430SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSE002739
Green HillYorkshire Dales - Southern20606282WNut, Y2KSD701814
IngleboroughYorkshire Dales - Southern23757242WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, Y2KSD741745
Knowe FellYorkshire Dales - Southern1945593OL2 SD867685
Little WhernsideYorkshire Dales - Southern198260430SDewSE028776
Park FellYorkshire Dales - Southern18475632WDewSD765769
Pen-y-ghentYorkshire Dales - Southern22776942WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD839734
Plover HillYorkshire Dales - Southern22316802W 30SHew, Nut, Y2KSD849752
Simon FellYorkshire Dales - Southern21336502WHew, Nut, Y2KSD754751
WhernsideYorkshire Dales - Southern24157362WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD739814
Wold FellYorkshire Dales - Southern18315582WDewSD790848
Yockenthwaite MoorYorkshire Dales - Southern211064330SHew, Nut, Y2KSD909811
YorburghYorkshire Dales - Southern1690515OL30 SD887882

399 Fells listed

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