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Scafell PikeLake District - Southern32109786NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY215072
HelvellynLake District - Eastern31189505SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY342151
Ill CragLake District - Southern30689356NBir, Hew, NutNY223074
Broad CragLake District - Southern30649346NBir, Hew, NutNY219076
SkiddawLake District - Northern30539314SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY260291
Skiddaw Middle TopLake District - Northern30459284SBirNY260288
Skiddaw South TopLake District - Northern30359254SBirNY260286
Helvellyn Lower ManLake District - Eastern30349255SBir, NutNY337155
Skiddaw North TopLake District - Northern30259224SBirNY260292
Great EndLake District - Southern29849106NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY226084
BowfellLake District - Southern29609026NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, T100, WainNY244064
Great GableLake District - Western29498994S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY211103
Nethermost PikeLake District - Eastern29208915SBir, Nut, WainNY344142
Catstye CamLake District - Eastern29178905SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY348158
Esk PikeLake District - Southern29048856NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY236075
RaiseLake District - Eastern28898835SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY343174
FairfieldLake District - Eastern28638735SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY358117
Blencathra - Hallsfell TopLake District - Northern28478685SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY323277
Skiddaw Little ManLake District - Northern28378654SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY267278
White SideLake District - Eastern28328635SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY338166
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Secon ..Lake District - Southern28168596NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY248048
Dollywaggon PikeLake District - Eastern28108585SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY346130
Great DoddLake District - Eastern28078575SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY342206
GrasmoorLake District - North Western27958524SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY174203
Blencathra - Gategill Fell TopLake District - Northern27928515SBir, NutNY317273
Blencathra - Atkinson PikeLake District - Northern27728455SBir, NutNY324283
Stybarrow DoddLake District - Eastern27708435SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY343189
MerrickCarrick and Galloway - Galloway Hills2766843318Cor, Don, HuMP, Mar, T100NX428855
Crinkle Crags - Gunson Knott [T ..Lake District - Southern27568406NBirNY250049
St. Sunday CragLake District - Eastern27568415SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY369134
Crag Hill [Eel Crag]Lake District - North Western27538394SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY192203
Crinkle Crags South Top [First ..Lake District - Southern27368346NBir, Hew, NutNY250045
High StreetLake District - Far Eastern27188285SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY441110
Hart CragLake District - Eastern26988225SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY368112
Shelter CragsLake District - Southern26748156NBir, Hew, NutNY249053
Skiddaw - Lesser ManLake District - Northern26748154SBirNY268275
The CheviotThe Cheviots267481516EHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100NT909205
High StileLake District - Western26448064SBir, WainNY167147
Blencathra - Blease FellLake District - Northern26418055SBirNY312270
Coniston Old ManLake District - Southern26338036NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainSD272978
Kirk FellLake District - Western26318024S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY194104
High Raise (High Street)Lake District - Far Eastern26318025SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY448135
Swirl HowLake District - Southern26308026NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY273005
Green GableLake District - Western26278014S 6NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY215107
LingmellLake District - Southern26248006NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY209081
HaycockLake District - Western26157974S 6NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY144107
Brim FellLake District - Southern26117966NBir, Nut, WainSD271985
Green Side (White Stones)Lake District - Eastern26087955SBir, Hew, NutNY353188
Dove CragLake District - Eastern26037925S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY374104
Rampsgill HeadLake District - Far Eastern25987925SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY442128
Grisedale PikeLake District - North Western25957914SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY198225
Watson's DoddLake District - Eastern25847895SBir, WainNY336195
Kirk Fell East Top [Kirk Fell N ..Lake District - Western25827874S 6NBir, Hew, NutNY199107
Allen CragsLake District - Southern25727856NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY237085
GlaramaraLake District - Southern25697834S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, T100, WainNY246105
Thornthwaite CragLake District - Far Eastern25697845S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY432101
Kidsty PikeLake District - Far Eastern25607805SBir, Nut, WainNY447126
Great CarrsLake District - Southern25587806NBir, Nut, WainNY271009
Dow CragLake District - Southern25557786NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainSD262977
Harter Fell (Mardale)Lake District - Far Eastern25527785S 7NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY460093
Cairn HillThe Cheviots254977716E NT903195
Red ScreesLake District - Eastern25467767NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY397087
Glaramara - Looking SteadsLake District - Southern25437754S 6NBir, NutNY246102
Shelter Crags North TopLake District - Southern25437756NNutNY249057
SailLake District - North Western25367734SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY198202
WandopeLake District - North Western25337724SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY188197
Grey FriarLake District - Southern25267706NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY260003
Hopegill HeadLake District - North Western25267704SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY185221
Great RiggLake District - Eastern25137665S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY356104
Caudale Moor (Stony Cove Pike)Lake District - Far Eastern25027635S 7NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY418100
High Raise (Langdale)Lake District - Central25007624S 6NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY281095
WetherlamLake District - Southern24997626NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, T100, WainNY288011
Mardale Ill BellLake District - Far Eastern24967605S 7NBir, WainNY447101
Ill BellLake District - Far Eastern24847577NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY436077
Hart SideLake District - Eastern24817565SBir, Nut, WainNY359197
Sand HillLake District - North Western24807564SBir, NutNY187218
Caudale Moor (John Bell's Banne ..Lake District - Far Eastern24777555S 7NBirNY413098
Red Pike (Buttermere)Lake District - Western24777554SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY160154
Dale HeadLake District - North Western24707534SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY222153
Carl SideLake District - Northern24477464SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY255281
Black SailsLake District - Southern24447456NBir, Hew, NutNY282007
Buck PikeLake District - Southern2441744OL6BirSD262972
High Crag (Buttermere)Lake District - Western24417444SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY180140
Blencathra - Doddick FellLake District - Northern24347425SBirNY328277
Little StandLake District - Southern24287406NBir, NutNY250033
The Knott (High Street)Lake District - Far Eastern24257395SBir, WainNY437127
Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head]Lake District - North Western24257394SBir, Hew, NutNY193220
RobinsonLake District - North Western24187374SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY201168
Seat SandalLake District - Eastern24157365SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY343115
WhernsideYorkshire Dales - Southern24157362WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD739814
Harrison StickleLake District - Central24147366NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY280073
Jenkin HillLake District - Northern24117354SBirNY273275
Combe HeadLake District - Southern24117354S 6NBir, NutNY250109
Long SideLake District - Northern24057344SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY248284
Little Gowder CragLake District - Western24057334S 6NBir, NutNY140109
Codale HeadLake District - Central23957304S 6NBir, NutNY288090
Kentmere PikeLake District - Far Eastern23957307NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY465078
Sergeant ManLake District - Central23947306NBir, WainNY286089
HindscarthLake District - North Western23857274SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY215165
UllscarfLake District - Central23827264SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY291121
Clough HeadLake District - Eastern23817265SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY334225
Birkett FellLake District - Eastern23787255SBirNY364198
IngleboroughYorkshire Dales - Southern23757242WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, Y2KSD741745
Thunacar KnottLake District - Central23727236NBir, Nut, WainNY279079
Red Beck Top (Glaramara)Lake District - Southern23657214S 6NBir, Hew, NutNY243097
BenyellaryCarrick and Galloway - Galloway Hills2359719318 NX415839
FroswickLake District - Far Eastern23597207NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY435085
Whiteside East Top [Whiteside]Lake District - North Western23597194SBir, Hew, NutNY175221
Birkhouse MoorLake District - Eastern23507185SBir, Nut, WainNY364160
Great Shunner FellYorkshire Dales - Northern234971619S 30NHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD848972
Lonscale FellLake District - Northern23467154SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY285271
BrandrethLake District - Western23467154SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY214119
Hedgehope HillThe Cheviots234371416EHew, HuMP, NutNT943197
BranstreeLake District - Far Eastern23397135S 7NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY477100
KnottLake District - Northern23297104NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY296329
High Seat (Mallerstang)Yorkshire Dales - Northern232670919SHew, HuMP, Nut, Y2KNY802012
Pike of StickleLake District - Central23237096NBir, Hew, Nut, T100, WainNY274073
Wild Boar FellYorkshire Dales - Northern232370819SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD758988
Whiteside [Whiteside West Top]Lake District - North Western23207074SBir, Nut, WainNY170219
YokeLake District - Far Eastern23167067NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY438067
Pike of BliscoLake District - Southern23127056NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY271041
Great WhernsideYorkshire Dales - Southern231070430SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSE002739
Lonscale PikeLake District - Northern23067034SBirNY288272
Ladyside PikeLake District - North Western23067034SBir, NutNY184227
Bowscale FellLake District - Northern23037025N 5SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY333305
Buckden PikeYorkshire Dales - Southern230370230SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD961788
Cold PikeLake District - Southern22997016NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY263035
Pavey ArkLake District - Central22967006NBir, Nut, WainNY284079
Gray CragLake District - Far Eastern22936995SBir, Nut, WainNY428117
Caw FellLake District - Western22876974S 303Bir, Nut, WainNY131110
Grey KnottsLake District - Western22876974SBir, Nut, WainNY217125
Great KnottLake District - Southern22836966NBir, NutNY259042
Rest DoddLake District - Far Eastern22836965SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY432136
Archy Styrigg (Gregory Chapel)Yorkshire Dales - Northern228069519SNut, Y2KNY802003
Pen-y-ghentYorkshire Dales - Southern22776942WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD839734
SeatallanLake District - Western22706926NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY140084
Great CalvaLake District - Northern22646904NBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY290311
Hugh SeatYorkshire Dales - Northern226068919SNut, Y2KSD809991
Great CoumYorkshire Dales - Southern22546872WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD701836
High House Tarn TopLake District - Southern22446844S 6NBir, NutNY240093
Cold Pike West TopLake District - Southern22416836NNutNY258035
Bannerdale CragsLake District - Northern22416835SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY335290
Crag HillYorkshire Dales - Southern2238682OL2Y2KSD692833
Blencathra - Scales FellLake District - Northern22386825SBirNY331278
Brown PikeLake District - Southern22386826NBirSD261966
Swarth FellYorkshire Dales - Northern223468119SHew, Nut, Y2KSD756967
Plover HillYorkshire Dales - Southern22316802W 30SHew, Nut, Y2KSD849752
Loft CragLake District - Central22306806NBir, Nut, WainNY277071
Ullock PikeLake District - Northern22306804SBir, WainNY244287
Baugh Fell (Tarn Rigg Hill)Yorkshire Dales - Northern222467819SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD741916
Knoutberry HawYorkshire Dales - Northern221867619SNut, Y2KSD731919
Combe Door TopLake District - Southern22186764S 6NNutNY253109
The CalfYorkshire Dales - Northern221867619SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, Y2KSD667970
Lovely SeatYorkshire Dales - Northern221467519S 30NHew, HuMP, Nut, Y2KSD879950
Sheffield PikeLake District - Eastern22146755SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY369182
CaldersYorkshire Dales - Northern221167419SHew, Nut, Y2KSD670960
Branstree North East TopLake District - Far Eastern22086735S 7NBir, NutNY487103
BakestallLake District - Northern22086734N 4SBir, WainNY266307
Great Knoutberry HillYorkshire Dales - Southern22056722WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD788871
Bram Rigg TopYorkshire Dales - Northern220567219SNut, Y2KSD668965
Rogan's SeatYorkshire Dales - Northern220567230NHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KNY919030
Scar CragsLake District - North Western22056724SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY208206
Loadpot HillLake District - Far Eastern22016715SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY457181
Cold Pike Far West TopLake District - Southern21986706NNutNY256037
Wether HillLake District - Far Eastern21986705SBir, Nut, WainNY456167
Water CragYorkshire Dales - Northern219266830NNut, Y2KNY928046
Fountains FellYorkshire Dales - Southern21926682W 2S 30SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD864715
Dodd Fell HillYorkshire Dales - Southern21926682W 30SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD841846
Little FellYorkshire Dales - Northern218866719SHew, Nut, Y2KSD808971
Adam SeatLake District - Far Eastern21856665S 7NBirNY471091
Tarn Crag (Sleddale)Lake District - Far Eastern21786647NBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, WainNY488078
Carrock FellLake District - Northern21756635NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY341336
Nine Standards RiggYorkshire Dales - Northern217266219SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KNY826061
Fountains Fell South TopYorkshire Dales - Southern21726622W 2S 30SNut, Y2KSD869707
Whiteless PikeLake District - North Western21656604SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY180189
Calfhow PikeLake District - Eastern21656605SBirNY330211
White Mossy HillYorkshire Dales - Northern216265919SY2KNY829053
High Pike (Caldbeck)Lake District - Northern21596585NBir, Hew, Nut, T100, WainNY318350
Place FellLake District - Far Eastern21566575SBir, Hew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100, WainNY406169
High Pike (Scandale)Lake District - Eastern21556567NBir, WainNY374088
Low SaddleLake District - Central21526564SBir, NutNY288133
Selside PikeLake District - Far Eastern21496555SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY490111
Middle DoddLake District - Eastern21466545S 7NBir, WainNY397096
High SpyLake District - North Western21426534SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY234162
Comb FellThe Cheviots213965216EHew, NutNT924187
Rossett PikeLake District - Southern21366516NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY249075
Great Sca FellLake District - Northern21366514NBir, WainNY291339
Simon FellYorkshire Dales - Southern21336502WHew, Nut, Y2KSD754751
Fleetwith PikeLake District - Western21266484SBir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY205141
Base BrownLake District - Western21196464SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY225114
Yockenthwaite MoorYorkshire Dales - Southern211064330SHew, Nut, Y2KSD909811
Little CalvaLake District - Northern21066424NBir, NutNY282314
Dodd (Buttermere)Lake District - Western21036414SBir, NutNY163157
Fell HeadYorkshire Dales - Northern210064019SHew, Nut, Y2KSD649981
YarlsideYorkshire Dales - Northern209663919SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD685985
Grey Crag (Sleddale Fell)Lake District - Far Eastern20936387NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY497072
Little Hart CragLake District - Eastern20916375S 7NBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY387100
Causey PikeLake District - North Western20906374SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY218208
Little Sca FellLake District - Northern20836354NBirNY289342
Hobcarton EndLake District - North Western20806344SBir, NutNY195234
High Spy North TopLake District - North Western20806344SNutNY236171
Starling DoddLake District - Western20776334SBir, Hew, Nut, WainNY142157
Mungrisdale CommonLake District - Northern20776335SWainNY310292
Honister Crag [Black Star]Lake District - Western20776334SBir, NutNY212141
Dovenest Top (Stonethwaite Fell ..Lake District - Southern20736324SBir, Hew, NutNY256114
Seathwaite Fell (Great Slack)Lake District - Southern20736324S 6NBir, Hew, NutNY227097
Seathwaite Fell South TopLake District - Southern20706314S 6NNutNY228094
Green HillYorkshire Dales - Southern20606282WNut, Y2KSD701814
Rough Crag (Riggindale)Lake District - Far Eastern20606285SBir, Hew, NutNY454112
Hare StonesLake District - Northern20576275NBir, NutNY315343
GragarethYorkshire Dales - Southern20576272WHew, Nut, Y2KSD688793
Randygill TopYorkshire Dales - Northern204762419SHew, HuMP, Nut, Y2KNY687000
Darnbrook FellYorkshire Dales - Southern204762430SHew, Nut, Y2KSD884727
Bush HoweYorkshire Dales - Northern204462319SNut, Y2KSD659980
Moel YsgyfarnogodSnowdonia - The Rhinogs204462318WHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, T100SH658345
BirksLake District - Eastern20406225SBir, Nut, WainNY380143
Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fel ..Lake District - Eastern20376217NBir, NutNY357086
Walna ScarLake District - Southern20376216NBir, Nut, WOSD257963
High WillhaysDartmoor203762128NHew, HuMP, Mar, NutSX580892
Yes TorDartmoor203161928N 113Nut, T100SX580901
Hartsop DoddLake District - Far Eastern20286185SBir, Nut, WainNY411119
Great Lingy HillLake District - Northern20216165NBir, NutNY309339
Great BorneLake District - Western20216164S 303Bir, Hew, HuMP, Nut, WainNY123163
Cushat LawThe Cheviots201861516EHew, HuMP, NutNT928137
Foel PenolauSnowdonia - The Rhinogs201461418WNutSH661348
DrumaldraceYorkshire Dales - Southern20146142W 30SHew, Nut, Y2KSD874867
Rosthwaite Fell (Rosthwaite Cam ..Lake District - Southern20086124SBir, NutNY256118
Heron Pike (Rydal)Lake District - Eastern20036127NBir, Nut, WainNY356083
Birks FellYorkshire Dales - Southern200161030SHew, HuMP, Mar, Nut, Y2KSD919764
White MaidenLake District - Southern20016106NBir, NutSD254957
Bloodybush EdgeThe Cheviots200161016EHew, HuMP, NutNT902143
Calf Top (Middleton Fell)Yorkshire Dales - Southern20006102WDew, HuMP, Mar, Y2KSD665856
High SeatLake District - Central19956084SBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY287180
Firth FellYorkshire Dales - Southern1991607OL30 SD926748
Little WhernsideYorkshire Dales - Southern198260430SDewSE028776
Round KnottLake District - Northern19786035NBirNY334337
Seathwaite Fell (Wainwright)Lake District - Southern19706014S 6NBir, WainNY229102
Haystacks (Buttermere)Lake District - Western19585974SBir, Dew, T100, WainNY193131
Burn TodLake District - Northern19525954NBirNY282328
Knowe FellYorkshire Dales - Southern1945593OL2 SD867685
Little Dodd (Ennerdale)Lake District - Western19365904SBirNY149155
Bleaberry FellLake District - Central19365904SBir, Dew, WainNY285195
Shipman KnottsLake District - Far Eastern19265877NBir, WainNY472063
Brae FellLake District - Northern19235864NBir, WainNY288351
Middle FellLake District - Western19095826NBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY150072
Ard CragsLake District - North Western19065814SBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY206197
Hartsop Above How (Gill Crag)Lake District - Eastern19025805SBir, WainNY383120
Hazelgill KnottYorkshire Dales - Northern189657819SDewSD673997
The NabLake District - Far Eastern18905765SBir, Dew, WainNY434152
Maiden MoorLake District - North Western18865754SBir, WainNY236181
KensgriffYorkshire Dales - Northern188357419SDewSD688992
Blake FellLake District - Western18805734S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY110196
Sergeant's CragLake District - Central18735714SBir, Dew, WainNY273113
OutersideLake District - North Western18645684SBir, Dew, WainNY211214
Angletarn PikesLake District - Far Eastern18605675SBir, Dew, WainNY413148
Angletarn Pike South TopLake District - Far Eastern18545655SBirNY414147
Park FellYorkshire Dales - Southern18475632WDewSD765769
HerdusLake District - Western18445624S 303BirNY117163
SeatLake District - Western18415614SBir, DewNY185134
Brock CragsLake District - Far Eastern18415615SBir, WainNY419137
Ward's StoneForest of Bowland AONB184056141WDew, HuMP, MarSD592587
Wold FellYorkshire Dales - Southern18315582WDewSD790848
Pendle HillForest of Bowland AONB182755721N 41EDew, HuMP, MarSD804414
Knott RiggLake District - North Western18245564SBir, Dew, WainNY197188
Lord's SeatLake District - North Western18115524SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY204265
Steel Fell (Dead Pike)Lake District - Central18115535SBir, Dew, WainNY319111
Rosthwaite Fell (Bessyboot)Lake District - Southern18075514SBir, Dew, WainNY258125
Dinger TorDartmoor180455028N SX586881
Meal FellLake District - Northern18045504NBir, Dew, WainNY283337
Tarn Crag (Easedale)Lake District - Central18015504S 5S 6N 7NBir, WainNY303093
Dead Man's HillYorkshire Dales - Southern179154630S 298DewSE058783
Swarth Fell (Ullswater)Lake District - Far Eastern17885455SBirNY454195
Blea RiggLake District - Central17765416N 7NBir, WainNY301078
Lank RiggLake District - Western17755414S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY091119
Back TorThe Peak District17655381EDewSK197909
Calf CragLake District - Central17625374S 5S 6N 7NBir, Dew, WainNY301104
Great Mell FellLake District - Eastern17625375SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY397254
CoblesYorkshire Dales - Northern1752534OL19 SD663988
Arthur's PikeLake District - Far Eastern17495335SBir, WainNY461206
Wolfhole CragForest of Bowland AONB172952741WDewSD634578
Great CockupLake District - Northern17265264NBir, Dew, WainNY273333
Gavel FellLake District - Western17265264S 303Bir, Dew, WainNY116183
Eagle CragLake District - Central17225254SBir, WainNY275120
Whinlatter TopLake District - North Western17225254SBir, DewNY197249
Bonscale PikeLake District - Far Eastern17195245SBir, WainNY454201
Crag FellLake District - Western17165234S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY097143
Souther FellLake District - Northern17135225SBir, Dew, WainNY354291
Fair Snape FellForest of Bowland AONB170752041WDew, HuMP, MarSD591468
High Hartsop DoddLake District - Eastern17025195S 7NBir, WainNY393108
Boulsworth Hill - Lad LawLancashire (outside Bowland)169651721NDew, HuMP, MarSD929356
Whinlatter [Brown How - Whinlat ..Lake District - North Western16965174SBir, WainNY191251
Mam TorThe Peak District16965171W 1EDewSK127836
SallowsLake District - Far Eastern16915167NBir, Dew, WainNY437040
YorburghYorkshire Dales - Southern1690515OL30 SD887882
High ToveLake District - Central16905154SBir, WainNY288166
Mellbreak [Mellbreak South Top]Lake District - Western16805124SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY148186
WhoapLake District - Western16775114S 303BirNY099128
Broom FellLake District - North Western16775114SBir, WainNY194271
Lowthwaite FellLake District - Northern16705094NBir, DewNY278347
Hen CombLake District - Western16705094S 303Bir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY132181
Beda Fell [Beda Head]Lake District - Far Eastern16705095SBir, Dew, WainNY428171
Mellbreak North TopLake District - Western16705094SBir, DewNY143194
Low PikeLake District - Eastern16665087NBir, WainNY373078
Cracoe FellYorkshire Dales - Southern16665082SDew, HuMP, MarSD993588
Little Mell FellLake District - Eastern16575055SBir, Dew, HuMP, Mar, WainNY423240
Skiddaw - DoddLake District - Northern16475024SBir, Dew, HuMP, WainNY244273
Wolf FellForest of Bowland AONB1640500OL41 SD602469
Stone ArthurLake District - Eastern16405005S 7NBir, WainNY347092
TotridgeForest of Bowland AONB163049741W SD635487
GrikeLake District - Western16014884S 303Bir, WainNY084140
Baystones [Wansfell]Lake District - Far Eastern15974877NHuMP, WainNY403051
WansfellLake District - Far Eastern15954867NBirNY403052
Lints TorDartmoor159448628N SX580875
Longlands FellLake District - Northern15854834NBir, WainNY275354
Sour HowesLake District - Far Eastern15854837NBir, WainNY428032
Wansfell PikeLake District - Far Eastern15814827NBirNY394041
Gowbarrow FellLake District - Eastern15784815SBir, WainNY408218
Armboth FellLake District - Central15724794SBir, WainNY297159
Whins BrowForest of Bowland AONB156247641WHuMPSD636533
Lose HillThe Peak District15624761W 1E SK153854
Burnbank FellLake District - Western15584754S 303Bir, WainNY110209
Brennand Great HillForest of Bowland AONB1555474OL41 SD620563
WinderYorkshire Dales - Northern1551473OL19 SD654932
Gowk HillLake District - Far Eastern15454715SBirNY444166
Saddle FellForest of Bowland AONB1541470OL41 SD612469
Lingmoor Fell [Lingmoor Fell - ..Lake District - Southern15394696N 7NBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY302046
Baxton FellForest of Bowland AONB1539469OL41 SD672561
AlphinThe Peak District1538469OL1 SE003028
BarfLake District - North Western15364684SBir, WainNY214267
Grit FellForest of Bowland AONB153546841 SD557588
Raven CragLake District - Central15124614S 5SBir, WainNY304188
Winter HillLancashire (outside Bowland)1496456287HuMP, MarSD659149
Graystones (Birkett)Lake District - North Western14964564SBirNY177264
BarrowLake District - North Western14934554SBir, WainNY227218
Urra Moor - Round HillNorth York Moors149045426NHuMP, MarNZ594015
GraystonesLake District - North Western14834524SWainNY176266
CatbellsLake District - North Western14814514SBir, WainNY244198
Great Crag (Stonethwaite)Lake District - Central14734494SBir, WainNY270146
BinseyLake District - Northern14674474NBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY225355
Stile EndLake District - North Western14674474SBirNY220219
Winter Hill (boundary)Lancashire (outside Bowland)1467447287 SD662145
Brownthwaite CragLake District - Far Eastern14574445SBirNY443173
Burnslack FellForest of Bowland AONB1457444OL41 SD622469
Nab ScarLake District - Eastern14504407NBir, WainNY356073
Glenridding DoddLake District - Eastern14254425SBir, WainNY381176
Cringle Moor - Drake HoweNorth York Moors142443426NHuMP, MarNZ537029
Arnison CragLake District - Eastern14244335SBir, WainNY393149
Dunsop FellForest of Bowland AONB1424434OL41 SD673546
ParlickForest of Bowland AONB1417432OL41 SD596450
Steel Knotts (Pikeawassa)Lake District - Far Eastern14174325SBir, WainNY440181
Burn FellForest of Bowland AONB1414431OL41 SD674535
Hazelhurst FellForest of Bowland AONB140842941W SD563480
Low FellLake District - Western13884234S 303Bir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY137226
BuckbarrowLake District - Western13884236N 303Bir, WainNY135061
Gibson KnottLake District - Central13794205S 7NBir, WainNY318099
Fellbarrow - Mosser FellLake District - Western13654164S 303Bir, WainNY132242
Grange Fell [Brund Fell]Lake District - Central13624154SBir, WainNY264162
Clougha PikeForest of Bowland AONB135541341WT100SD544594
Loweswater FellLake District - Western13524124S 303BirNY135222
Carlton MoorNorth York Moors133940826NHuMPNZ519025
Helm CragLake District - Central13284055S 7NBir, T100, WainNY327093
Cold Moor [Broughton Bank]North York Moors131940226N NZ550034
White Hill [Hasty Bank]North York Moors130639826N NZ565036
Weets HillLancashire (outside Bowland)130239721N 41E SD857448
Easington FellForest of Bowland AONB129939641EHuMP, MarSD730486
Waddington FellForest of Bowland AONB129639541E SD715475
Silver HowLake District - Central12923947NBir, WainNY324066
King's How - Grange FellLake District - Central12863924SBirNY258166
Darling FellLake District - Western12863924S 303BirNY129225
Smithy FellLake District - Western12863924S 303BirNY133237
Hallin FellLake District - Far Eastern12733885SBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY433198
Walla CragLake District - Central12433794SBir, WainNY277213
KinnLake District - North Western12273744SBirNY219232
Ling FellLake District - North Western12243734SBir, WainNY179285
LatriggLake District - Northern12033674SBir, WainNY279246
Troutbeck TongueLake District - Far Eastern11913647NBir, WainNY422064
Side PikeLake District - Southern11883626NBirNY293053
Little Dodd (Loweswater)Lake District - Western11883624S 303BirNY132192
Sale FellLake District - North Western11783594SBir, HuMP, WainNY194296
High Rigg [Naddle Fell]Lake District - Central11713574S 5SBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY308220
Rannerdale KnottsLake District - North Western11653554SBir, WainNY167182
DentLake District - Western11553524S 303Mar, WONY041129
Longridge FellForest of Bowland AONB114835041WHuMP, MarSD658410
LothwaiteLake District - North Western11323454SBirNY203296
High Rigg (Birkett)Lake District - Central11253434S 5SBirNY307214
Conistone PieYorkshire Dales - Southern11153402S SD988687
Skelgill BankLake District - North Western11093384SBirNY244205
Scale KnottLake District - Western11093384SBirNY149177
Loughrigg FellLake District - Central11013357NBir, HuMP, Mar, T100, WainNY347051
RivingsLake District - North Western10993354SBirNY197294
WatchesLake District - Northern10933334N 4SBirNY240303
Stang Top MoorForest of Bowland AONB1063344OL41 SD835412
Black FellLake District - Southern10603237NBir, HuMP, WainNY340015
Gummer's HowLake District - Far Eastern10443217SBir, HuMP, Mar, WOSD390884
Holme FellLake District - Southern10403177NBir, HuMP, Mar, WainNY315006
Wren CragLake District - Central10203115SBirNY315201
Castle CragLake District - North Western9782984SWainNY249159
Carn LlidiSouth-West Wales59418135WHuMPSM738280
Whalley NabLancashire (outside Bowland) - Ribble Valley584178OL41 SD730348

399 Fells listed

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