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Disclaimer ...

Please read the following before using any of the information contained on this site ...

The site was created primarily for us to keep a permanent record of all the walks we've embarked on, and to be able to share these walks with friends and family who often accompany us. Any advice or information posted on the site by us is just our own personal opinions and should be treated as such. We've tried to make sure that the information portayed is accurate, but are sadly not infallible. Also, (as the site is now multiuser), we cannot be held accountable for any information or views posted by other walkers. Fell walking can be an extremely dangerous hobby, so please double check any info you use from the site i.e. maps required, route particulars etc.

Many walkers, ourselves included, have a tendancy to exercise their "Right to Roam", and often wander off footpaths (hopefully only where allowed) - occasionally ending up in places that some may not be comfortable with (precarious/boggy/exposed etc.) - for our own part, on walks like this, we've tried to give a warning, but there may be occasions where this is not detailed.

Take note that weather conditions can play a massive part on many walking routes - what appears to be a fairly safe stroll in good conditions can become treacherous and hazardous in adverse conditions i.e. mist/rain/snow/strong winds etc. Anyone embarking on a walk should ensure that the route is properly researched and planned, everyone has appropriate equipment/supplies (including a map and compass), and that someone not participating has been informed of the route (please see other tips on the Advice page).

Taking all the above into consideration, we cannot accept liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by anyone using information contained in this web site.

The LogMyWalks Team.